Test page doesn't validate

Thanks for the invite to the closed beta. Excited about the opportunities here. Unfortunately, the test page I set up didn’t validate. Can you take a look?




@Jess or @Brian_Burns, can either of you help here? Thanks!

Hey @cliodice

So what’s going on here is that the url you should be using is http://amp.blueapron.com/hello-world/amp.html

Notice /amp.html at the end of the url. If you test that page you’ll see that it validates successfully.

This is something we could improve upon as the url on the overview screen does not include “/amp.html”. I’ll bring this to the rest of the team.

Thanks for reaching out and let me know if you’ve any other issues.


Thanks @Brian_Burns. Appreciate it. Agree that is something to improve on in the UI. I’d recommend updating the guide doc too in the interim. Thanks again!

@Brian_Burns one more question. Is the “amp.html” filename requirement something that will be customizable in the future?

Hey @cliodice thanks for your inquiries and feedback!

Is the “amp.html” filename requirement something that will be customizable in the future?

This is something that could be customizable in the future for sure. In terms of when or if we would, we’d need to assess the work required against other items we identify as pains in beta.

I am curious though, what are you hoping to accomplish by having it customizable?

@Cole_Derochie, two reasons come to mind right away.

  1. URLs are user facing and in many cases domain owners want the path and filename to reflect the underlying content.
  2. SEO relevance

Hey @cliodice, thanks for clarifying.

Firstly, we introduced a change today to help resolve the /amp.html “inclusion confusion”. Hopefully this will help things moving forward.

Additionally, to my knowledge /amp.html should not negatively impact your site’s SEO as the URL path is still maintained and should still be able to reflect your page’s underlying content. This is something I will follow up on with our AMP partners at google.

Thanks for raising it!