Test form when on preview not working



I’m testing my landing page in preview mode and when submitting the form everything seems ok and I see the thank you page correctly, but the form information isn’t submitted.
I’m using a webhook and mapping some fields, and as per your suggestion I’m posting to http://requestb.in/XXXX to be able to check the variables, but no post arrive at requestb.in

So, my question : Is it possible to test a form while in preview mode ?



Hey Adriano, sorry for the confusion! We don’t capture any information from form submissions when you preview your page. This is so you can test your confirmation dialog in context without cluttering up your list of leads. We’ve had a couple folks confused by this, so obviously we need to do a better job of indicating what’s happening.

If you want to test that your form capture is working as intended, you should publish your page and test from there. Hope that helps!