Taking our Commercial HVAC LP too the next level

1: What challenge are you currently trying to solve?
This is a B2B lead gen LP targeted to business owners seeking HVAC solutions. Since June, we’ve had over 22,000 visitors and a 1.45% conversion rate. Mostly phone calls. We would like to bump this number if possible. As for form submissions, a majority of the leads come from people from another country seeking jobs. Any feedback is appreciated.

2: How are you driving traffic to your page?
Google Ads

3: What is your conversion goal?
Form Submissions & Click to Call

4: Paste a link to your published landing page / popup: :point_down:

Right off the bat I notice two things:

  1. This page is very well put together and I think you’ve done a great job at sharing enough information without overburdening me as a visitor.
  2. I’d love to see the map at the bottom look a little different. Depending on where your traffic is coming from, it would be interesting if you were able to pull your visitor location using UTM parameters, and then once they get to the form it has already pre-filled their location. For example, if I get to the bottom and it says " Valley Refrigeration has you covered in Vancouver" that would be a very appealing message.

If that’s something you’d be open to, let me know and I’ll share some how-to’s.

I’ll leave it at that and let the real marketers to share their feedback here :smiley:


Personally, I’d like to see the “what” articulated a bit more obviously. You provide solutions, sure. I, the business owner, need something more concrete. I have trouble with X, or am in need of a new Y. Never make 'em think :slight_smile:

Agreed with Jess, BTW: Really nice layout and excellent readability!

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Indeed, it is a good looking page. But is it the wrong time of year to advertise air conditioning in Canada?

Otherwise, I’m stuck on the headline, it isn’t helpful enough. I think that might serve you well on the ad but not on the landing page. The headline should solve the problem these businesses have. They have already found their HVAC solution, its you! They are on your page! Now you need to tell them why they should make an appointment with you.

Something like…
“Lower Temperature, and Lower Cost”
“Our Commercial HVAC Experts will Help You Save Money and Energy”
“Reduce HVAC Energy Waste with Our Expert Systems”

I can only think of those right now. Its kind of tough coming up with a headline for HVAC!

We’re not all in igloos here, Kyle :snowflake:

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Thank everyone for the feedback! As for job enquiries from out of the country, is there a trick to stop them from rolling in or is there nothing we can do about that?

I’d look to shut that down on the Google Ads side. Use their geo-targeting to keep it only to the country and provinces you want.

Similar issue we have with clients who sell consumer-facing tech to other businesses. Consumers routinely find them and put in for support, etc., unless you’re *hyper-*careful on your targeting. Best way to keep those folks from converting is to stop them from seeing it at all, I’d say.

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Hey @JonathanFunk,

@Adam_Smartschan is absolutely right. Start by shutting down Google Ads that are not well targeted in terms of geography. That’s just wasting your ad budget.

If the problem still persist look into implementing a geo check before leads can submit your form. You would ping an external API and only allow form submissions if the visitor is from Canada.


I realize I’m a bit late to the party, but here are some thoughts on how to improve your conversion rate.

If the traffic is coming from Adwords, then your best bet is to match the messaging with search intent from ad through to the landing page. To do this effectively, it’s probably best to create several pages/campaigns. For instance, you could have a dedicated page for people looking for repairs, another page for preventive maintenance/servicing, one for installing a new system, etc., as well as specific messaging/pages for where the person is in the process.

I think that lack of specifics is holding you back. As Adam points out, people don’t want HVAC solutions, they want the solution to their specific issue.

I also don’t think the subhead adds any value. Don’t all HVAC companies help control temperature? Instead, I’d try to add something that will differentiate you or add urgency.

You might want to test a few different offers, too. If people aren’t using the form, it could be because calling is quicker if they need service without delay, but it could also be that they don’t want to commit to an appointment without knowing the price and other important info. Perhaps you could test offering a no-obligation quote or free assessment.

I like that you’ve included the logos. They are great for adding credibility. But I’m not sure that the lead in line works. I don’t think of HVAC services and something people enjoy. What about something more along the lines of companies that trust you or choose you?

Testimonials would be great for social proof, too, if you have them.

For the rest of the page, you should try to reduce friction and push the offer. Think of possible questions and objections a potential customer might have and address them. And really hit on the benefits.

One last suggestion is to change the focus from your company to your customers. Use less “our” statements and more “you” statements.

Best of luck.