Tag No Longer Supported?


I’ve been using the same tag within Unbounce custom HTML containers for years. Apparently Unbounce has decided that is no longer appropriate HTML, since it marks up all of the boxes as invalid HTML.

Dear Unbounce, I love so many things about you but I don’t want to have to go through your image manager dialog in order to display images on a page.


I once had this ‘invalid’ thing when trying to add a favicon.

Does it solve your problem if you use the following syntax for your images :

 ![](http:// URL of image here.jpg)   

In my case, just adding the / character before closing the tag solved the ‘invalidity’ that unbounce was wrongly detecting.


Hi Brian,

I assure you that your page will publish with no ill effects by adding an image :slight_smile:

The validator is meant to display a warning if something could be wrong. In your case it looks as if our validator is being too strict. This is an issue that I will need to solve and I will do so as quick as I can since I can see this being confusing.

The idea with the validator is to inform users if issues have been detected if there is broken HTML which may cause problems when publishing the page.

Being we just released this feature we are still tweaking the validation rules to find the right balance between being informative and helpful and being as non-intrusive as we can.

I hope this helps,