Tabbed menu information


is there a way to create tabbed style menus? So if i have different data that i want to show when clicking a tab without loading a new page?


Hi Jeremy,

Unfortunately at the moment there is no built in way to do this with Unbounce at the moment but we do allow you to include custom HTML and Javascript on the page via the Custom and Scripts buttons on the toolbar.

We also include the jQuery Javascript library on the published pages so if you have some Javascript experience you may be able to create this functionality your self. We realize this is not the ideal situation.

We do have plans to add these capabilities to the product to allow this kind of behavior as well as slide shows etc., however I can’t give you any firm dates on when this is likely to be available.

Another way is to link to multiple Unbounce landing pages, but this will mean the stats such as page visits and conversions will be measured separately for each page.



So if we make our own custom HTML page with these features designed into, could we upload it and have it work?


You cant upload a complete HTML to Unbounce. You would need to create a new page with Unbounce and then embed some HTML and/or Javascript into that page. Links, buttons or forms that you want us to track as conversions need to be created in Unbounce since we re-write the URLs to go through our servers to do the conversion tracking.

If you could point us at an example I might be able to give you a better idea if what you are thinking of is possible and how much effort would be required.

This does go out of Unbounce’s current built in capabilities a bit so I am not absolutely sure if you could build exactly what you need but we might be able to get close.

What kind of conversion goals would you have? Is this a lead generation page or would your users be clicking through to another page?



I have done this by creating separate landing pages for each part of the funnel. The downside is that this jacks up your visitor count because someone who goes through the entire 3 page funnel counts as 3 visitors instead of 1. But it is a great way to see where the weak links are in your funnel. I don’t think you will get that if you set everything up as a tabbed interface on the same page.

It would be great it Unbounce let me group pages into a microsite (3 or 4 pages) that I could then track as a funnel and have visitors tracked across those pages as a group.


gdevore do you have an example I can look at?

I am trying to do something like this website…

There are tabs in the middle of the page for different content but the page does not reload when clicked on.


JeremyD - What I am doing is different than that. I have a separate page. The call to action on each page is a button that takes the user to the next page. You can see it here:…

Each page is a separate Unbounce page that we can optimize to move people further along the funnel.

For a solution that is slightly more complex this seems to work well. At least our conversions are up form the single landing page we were using before.

To do tabs like you are describing you could use something like jQuery UI.



thanks for helping! the jquery is exactly what I want. How do you get something like that to work? I trued inserting HTML and no luck. Is there instructions?

Thank you


JeremyD - if you google jQuery UI tabs you will get a lot of tutorials. You need to be somewhat comfortable with javascript and including css files, etc.

Also, be aware that you won’t be able to see this in the Unbounce editor. You would have to insert these as custom html snippets so they would only show up when to preview the page:

Here is one tutorial on using jQuery UI tabs:…


Thanks for replying. I looked at the tutorial you provided and I thought I understood but guess not. Looks like having tabs would be out of my skill set.

I could not figure out the whole adding CSS widgets, etc.


Are you guys any further on this point? I would like to insert some tabbed content myself. Is it allready integrated in unbounce?

Thanks in advance