Tabbed menu information (part 2)


Another unbounce user asked this question last year:

Is there a way to create tabbed style menus? So if i have different data that i want to show when clicking a tab without loading a new page?…

Back then it wasn’t possible in unbounce yet. We’re a year further now. Is this integrated in unbounce in the meantime? I really would be helped with this functionality…

Love to hear from you soon


Hi Arjan, unfortunately no this is still not a core feature in Unbounce. As the other thread mentions, it is possible with some custom javascript work.


Hi Carter,

Any idea if it’s going to be a core feature any time soon? Like I said, I (and probably a lot of other users) would really be helped with functionality.


Our next big batch of improvements in the editor are the ability to easily add rounded corners and gradients to page sections, boxes and buttons, as well as some other visual enhancements which will allow us to build nicer templates. After that we are working on the ability to re-use elements across multiple pages, so you can share comment pieces (your header page section for example).

Tabbed content isn’t yet slotted into our immediate roadmap (although we do want to make sure it’s a core feature at some point). I will make sure it comes up in our next discussion about editor improvements. Sorry I don’t have any more specific ETA details for you!



Ok, thanks Carter. Please let me know the outcome of that discussion.