Sync Unbounce landing pages with sandbox environments


I recently learned from customer support that the Unbounce API isn’t set up to integrate with Salesforce sandboxes, and there isn’t a workaround at this time. Unbounce will only integrate with a live Salesforce environment, which is disappointing since we desperately need to test new lead configuration before syncing with the live org.

I hope there are some developers working on this, as it seems like a fairly significant oversight.


Hi Erica! Thanks so much for the suggestion, and apologies you’re finding this frustrating.

The one saving grace is that we do easily let you retry integration failures, so even if you initially misconfigure an integration, you shouldn’t end up losing any leads and they’ll be sent through once the configuration is fixed up.

But I have logged this as an improvement we’ll consider in the future. I’m sorry I can’t give an exact timeline but we’ll let anyone using the integration know when we get that done!