Survey integration with Unbounce


Hi. New to Unbounce, but love everything I’ve seen about their landing page capabilities.

I’m curious if Unbounce integrates with SurveyMonkey? Would like to create surveys with 4-5 questions at the most, will have points and scoring attributes. For example, if I ran a FB video ad that enticed a user to “Take the Survey.” Would want them taken to Unbounce landing page, take survey, capture name and email, and then have name and email imported into MailChimp for future newsletters and survey results.

Please advise. Thanks!


Hi @MikeLyon24,

Unbounce allows you to embed whatever 3rd party you wish.

Here is the relevant documentation from SurveyMonkey on how to embed their forms on another website.

As far as the MailChimp integration, you would have to see what SurveyMonkey integrates natively or use Zapier to do it.



Hristian, thank you for the quick reply. Appreciate the documentation. ML