Support for URL Redirects?


Hi There!

I’d love to change the URL of one of my landing pages, but I also want the old URL to redirect to the new one. I’m concerned that if we update the current URL and people click through on older emails we’ve sent in the past few months, they’ll get a 404. I’d love for the old URL to simply redirect to our new one.

Does Unbounce currently support this functionality?

Thanks for the insight!


Consider this my vote for support of this feature.


It seems that this is possible and only lacking a UI.

We don’t need a nice interface but not being able to access this functionality is a non-starter for us to use unbounce pages.

Please advise.


This is not something (and I’m pinging @Jess to get 100% confirmation on this) that Unbounce supports. However, if you have access to your dns you can set a redirect within your dns provider for that page on the sub domain.

Hope that helps!



Thanks for the reply, Joe!

DNS redirects aren’t enough (and judging from the number of requests for this feature I am not alone) as there is a need to redirect deep links, not merely by domain name. Use cases abound, but ours is replacing existing links with Unbounce pages. It is surprising to me that this feature isn’t supported, as it certainly makes it easier to adopt the product.