Suggestion: multiple device view in Preview mode


I’m new to building landing pages, but when the IT guy came to have a look at my landing page he had a bit of a moan about the fact that the Unbounce app only gives you the two options for preview mode. He has a point, there are other device sizes that visitors could be using and if you can’t preview your page in these modes you could run into problems.

Obviously you could use the inspect mode in your browser (Chrome for example), or use Browserstack but it would be nice/more accurate if Unbounce were able to have it in their Page builder.

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Well hey, Newbie! :relaxed:

You’re not wrong! Being able to see how your page is going to look in views other than mobile and desktop, let’s say tablet in this case, would be awesome! Right now, any size larger than mobile dimensions will display as the desktop version - which can be very frustrating for many designers and developers.

I’m going to re-categorize this post into the Feature Requests category, as this is where our Product team can look and see what our customers would like to see from our product, and then accordingly add it to the roadmap.

This is a great bit of feedback, and hopefully not the last! Happy Friday! :blush::beers:


@ChurchillKnightthis Comes up so often. And yeah, it’s true we really should be able to. But, there’s always a work around. I’m HUGE proponent of a “responsive” web, in fact it should already be inherit … but hey …

That being said, we find the best results are to keep the desktop width to 980px. I understand this may come with some design constraints but we have been doing it quite successfully for a while now. Give it a try!