Success Page after Posting to URL


After posting to url, the crm I am posting to offers up a lame submission success page. Can I post to url then go back to the Unbounce success page? Or is my only option to post to url and work through my CRM to create a better success page?


Hey Kash!

Dependent on the CRM you are POSTing to, you mght be able to define the URL that the customer sees after submitting a form. Would you be able to let us know what CRM you are using?

In the meantime, I’ll also mention that many of our customers chose to use the WebHook option as opposed to POSTING form data to a URL.

With the WebHook, you can still use the Unbounce form confirmation dialog, or you could set the form to go to another web page (built by Unbounce, or hosted elsewhere).

Let me know your CRM and I’ll see what options you have. Thanks Kash!