Submitting a form by selecting an option from a drop-down


I’m construction a multi-page landing page where the user answers a question and is taken to the next question.

Is it possible to automatically submit the information and take the user to the next page after the user simply selects an option from a drop-down or clicks a radio button?


Hey Audrey - no, unfortunately not in this case. You’ll still need a submit button attached to your form for the visitor to click once they’ve made their choice.


We did this as well, but instead of it saying submit, we used the word “Next” on the button and used the “redirect to URL” option on the form. Then it goes to the next page


That’s a really smart (and simple) idea!


That’s a really smart (and simple) idea!


That’s a really smart (and simple) idea!


I’d also like to be able to have either or type answers trigger either the next step in the form, or the submission.  So, for example, I can say choose X or Y and have a small photo of X or Y and when the user clicks on them, it accepts that like a radio button input and the submission of the “Next” button together.  One less step/one less point of friction for the client.


Possibly just set them up as buttons and link them to the next page while passing a variable through in the URL?


Problem is, this is the second stage of the form, first was buttons, but buttons can’t capture the previous choice and then move you to the next step.