Submit unbounce form from wordpress site


We’re adding some call-to-action boxes on our blog that lead to an unbounce page for downloadable content.

One simple way to do this, of course, is to simply link to the unbounce page, and to have them fill out contact info there before leading to the confirmation page that has a link to the downloadable content.

Looking at other options though… Is it possible/advisable to copy/paste a form from an unbounce page onto another site, such that when a visitor fills out the form on our blog, it gets POSTed to unbounce, which would then take the appropriate action to store data and lead the visitor to the confirmation page?

I understand doing so would add some complexity up-front, but would give us more flexibility as a result, and potentially lead to higher conversions since there’d be fewer clicks and page transitions involved.


I tried copying the element on one of our unbounce pages, adding in a submit button, pasting it in to our blog, then submitting it.

Instead of the thank-you page, I got a JSON response that looked like this (private info redacted):



Hey Meredith - Trying to copy and paste the code of a unbounce form will likely lead to a number of problems. If your adamant on having an unbounce form directly on your wordpress site your best bet is to embed it using an iframe. Here’s a wordpress plugin that allows easy embedding of iframes.


I too got a:


message when clicking submit. I’m on Drupal and I had the submit button directing to one thank you page and it worked. I then changed the destination of the submit button to a different page and then got that message. What do I do?


Hi Ben - Are you iframing the form into your Drupal site or copy/pasting the form code? The latter will likely be unstable, so if you’re copy/pasting that’s why you’re seeing that error. If you really need your Unbounce page to display on an outside site, an iframe should do the trick though.


Sorry I didn’t specify: it’s a full landing page with a form in it.


What I’ve found from testing:

¥ when I hit submit in an incognito window: the thank you page loads, but the contact information is not captured in Automatr (our marketing automation software)
¥ when I hit submit in a regular window: I get the {“protected_assets”:{}} error, but the contact information is received and DOES show in Automatr.


Hi Ben - I’ve opened up a support ticket for you, so I can dig into this a little further. Please look out for my email!


Thanks for the info. But where to I get the code from on Unbounce to paste into my Wordpress iframe?


Hi Karen - you’ll just need to replace the src value in the sample code with the URL of the Unbounce page you’re looking to iframe into Wordpress. Setting both the width and height to 100% should work as well.


I’m not sure if this would help in this specific situation, but we have just officially released a  Wordpress Integration  which you can start using today. Check out the announcement to learn more.


Hi Quinn. I know this was a long time ago, but what was the solution here? I’m getting the same error for a form submission on one of my landing pages. It’s a full Unbounce landing page with a form, and I’m using an Alert Message for form confirmation.


Hello All,
I have a similar problem than the described here with the wordpress plugin when I activate cloudflare’s Rocket Loader feature. After I submit the form it shows {“protected_assets”:{}}.
Is there a solution different to deactivate rocketloader?

P.S: Also I have the wp plugins autoptimize and w3 totalcache. But the issue dissapears if I turn off rocketloader.