Subdomains vs. Subdirectories: Explaining Pros and Cons with Clients


I set up landing pages for clients and they’re always asking why we set up a subdomain for them instead of a subdirectory. Is there a pros/ cons list I can easily share with them so they can easily see the difference? 



Hi Samantha! I wouldn’t say one or the other is betterÑit’s just that since we host the landing pages, using subdomains is the option that’s available.

Really, it shouldn’t make a difference either way! For example, having your landing page in a subdirectory would be good for SEO, but if you’re running multiple campaigns that drive to landing pages with similar copy, that’s actually bad for SEO anyways, so you should be hiding those pages.

If any of your clients that prefer the subdirectory route are using WordPress, you’ll be able to publish them soon that way instead. Keep an eye out :slight_smile:

We also just launched this ecourse especially for agencies, if you want to take a look and learn a few of the practices we recommend.


I’m in favor of using a subdirectory off our main site (e.g. ) as the place landing pages live rather than a subdomain (e.g. Having it on the same domain means the traffic generated by our ad spend will help the SEO ranking of our main site as our landing pages are fairly dissimilar. As is, the traffic generated helps promote which isn’t helpful.