Subdirectory support for landing pages?


Unbounce is working well but I found myself wishing that I could use it as a subdirectory underneath an existing domain versus a subdomain. In other words, instead of hanging my pages off of:

I would like to hang them off of:

I realize that the subdomain mechanism is trivial via the DNS CNAME route and that the subdirectory model would require configuration on the main webserver. Still it would be cool if it could be done.


Hey Dan, thanks for the idea! You’re right that this would not be a straight-forward solution with the current CNAME setup, but it’s definitely something we’d like to consider.

Are there some specific reasons why you’d like to do this? SEO concerns, or the ability to test existing pages at the same URL? Maybe there is a way for us to indirectly address your need.


Hi Carter,

I was also looking at this, for Adwords Quality Score purpose it is better to have the landing pages on a subdirectory rather than a subdomain.
We are about to use unbounce for a large PPC campaign and it would be really useful to be able to have our pages on sub-directories.
Could you help us with that?


Hey Kain - sorry to leave you hanging, this one slipped by. Unfortunately Unbounce still can’t support having multiple levels of sub-directories yet, although we’re definitely curious about the Adwords Quality Score factor. I can’t tell you when we’ll be looking into this, but I’ll keep the thread active when any new updates come out.


Still no news about it ? I just ran a google adwords campaign and the quality score need a major upgrade. Sub-directories could be a great addon.



We’d really like to a subdirectory system because people find it hard to remember a sub domain structure and a lot of our landing pages will be used in a workshop situation. Is there any more thought on this?



Could we also have the ability to use it for the subdomain too: ?

That is also good for organization if you are running ad campaigns from multiple ad platforms like adwords, bing and yahoo I could create a domain and all landing pages from google will reside under that directory.  This also lets me use relevant keywords in the landingg page url for separate ad campaigns keeping the message cohesive.


I’m also interested in using a subdirectory off our main site (e.g. ) as the place landing pages live rather than Having it on the same domain means the traffic generated by our ad spend will help the SEO ranking of our main site. As it is the traffic helps promote which isn’t all that helpful.


Hi Lucy! 
If you host your site on wordpress, you can just use our wordpress integration to achieve this. Let me know if this works for you!


Nice! Definitely a step in the right direction.

Any hope of us non-wordpress users being able to also make use of this? It looks like the pages are still hosted and managed by Unbounce - does that mean we may also be able to do this on other forms of hosting?


Is there any update on using the sub directory without having WordPress?


Any update on the above?  Daniel and Oliver have the same question I do.  We have clients that want UnB pages on their domains, but not as subdomains.


The only way I know of is to use the WordPress plugin.


I’d also like to know the status of a subdirectory on a wordpress page. Example - instead of