Sub Domain Tips



Just wondering if there are any tips or best practises for sub domains?

I know try. buy. for certain things but I am looking for a good sub domain to use for an insurance company and buy. seems a bit pushy. quote. maybe but wondering if is a bit long.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.




Hey Dez!

I’m not an Expert (maybe the @Unbounce-Experts can add some more value to this), but I can share what I know.

First off, I advise that you stay away from “ads”. Domains like “” are blocked by extensions like AdBlock and I’d argue, don’t inspire a ton of trust.

Be creative. Pick verbs for your subdomain that are related to the action you want your users to take. Some great examples are:

That’s as much insight as I can share at the moment, but the Experts will likely have more to say on the subject.


Hi Dez! I’ve always liked “try” and “go”. We even use “hello” ourselves.


Hey @Dez_Calton2 really it comes down to simple and easy to remember and relevant. Basically, if this is a link you will print on marketing collateral, display on TV or in videos. and word of mouth, you want it to be something that people can remember and makes sense.

There’s no real “rules”.