Styling Checkboxes & Radio Buttons on an Unbounce Form

Has anybody here had success styling radio inputs or checkboxes on Unbounce forms to appear as buttons?
I’m doing it on a page with a multistep form, but it required enough hacking of the form through the Unbounce form builder + css that I’m thinking this isn’t super reproducible.
Here’s what I’ve gotten a radio input to look like:
my form

Here’s a gist of the CSS I used

Curious if anybody has done something similar or has any ideas about how to improve it.


A while back I was playing around with some styling. It’s still active on this test page if you want to inspect and take a look.

Lemme know if you have any questions :slight_smile:

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Oh, awesome! This looks like it should get me on my way! Thank you!

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