Styling Checkboxes & Radio Buttons on an Unbounce Form

Has anybody here had success styling radio inputs or checkboxes on Unbounce forms to appear as buttons?
I’m doing it on a page with a multistep form, but it required enough hacking of the form through the Unbounce form builder + css that I’m thinking this isn’t super reproducible.
Here’s what I’ve gotten a radio input to look like:
my form

Here’s a gist of the CSS I used

Curious if anybody has done something similar or has any ideas about how to improve it.


A while back I was playing around with some styling. It’s still active on this test page if you want to inspect and take a look.

Lemme know if you have any questions :slight_smile:

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Oh, awesome! This looks like it should get me on my way! Thank you!

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Update for anybody watching, I was able style checkboxes and radio buttons into buttons. Note: I have to use the Font Size setting for checkboxes and radio buttons on the unbounce page builder to set the line height, otherwise the buttons will overlap. The CSS is here

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Awesome! Thanks for sharing @NoahManion