Stylesheet Error on Accordion

I am looking for some assistance to troubleshoot an Accordion I have set up. This was working OK previously but is now showing an error in the Stylesheet.

I have set up the following HTML, javascript and CSS:


 Can I still get cover after health problems?

Most insurers will still consider you for protection even after any conditions you may have had, premiums and cover vary.

 When does the insurance company pay out?

Depending on the type of protection and deferred period could define when the pay-out occurs. You will have the option of requesting a pay-out immediately or within the providers defer period which can vary between 4 weeks 64 Weeks. This is something you can decide.

 What does my policy cover?

The answer to this question varies depending on the insurance provider we go ahead with. Each provider have their own perks. However, there are always add on that can be added to your policy that may be appealing to you.

 Can my policy be protected?

A Waiver of Premium is a recommended add-on. If you ever cannot pay your premium it will still remain active for only a few pounds extra every month. This means you are still protected and in safe hands.

 Is it possible to alter my cover in the future if my circumstances change?

Many providers give the option of updating your insurance cover. This is definitely recommended if your family grows, your lifestyle changes or your financial situation changes such as cost of mortgage payments or level of income.

 My employer provides me with insurance, is it worth me taking more protection?

Definitely, first thing you should do is understand the type of cover you have and the amount. Just because you are covered does not mean you are covered the right amount or covered for the correct things.



Thank you.