Struggling big-time with the Text Editor


I’m struggling to get the editor to do some fairly basic things’

I cannot change font size in any repeatable or dependable way.
I highlight a piece of text, then select the font size I want, but get completely screwed up font sizes or no change at all.

Does this have anything to do with the Line Spacing?
Can anyone please help - particularly the team at Unbounce as I’ve seen repeated references to problems using the editor.
Surely that’s one of the key components of the system?
Thanks in anticipation, Eddie - NZ


Hey Eddie - I’m sorry to hear you’re frustrated! The Text Editor is the only component in Unbounce we didn’t built from scratch - we use CK Editor. That being said, there are no known bugs so please check your email. I’ve opened a support ticket for you -I have a few questions I’d like to ask!