Structured Data Markup guide for an UnBounce page?


Hi, is there a Guide/info on how to implement Structured Data Markup into an UnBounce page? If someone can point me in the right direction that would be great. Thanks.


I haven’t seen structured markup available in Unbounce, but would love to have some standard schema elements incorporated into page elements when appropriate. There are HUNDREDS of schemas and infinitely more combinations of schemas and page elements/layouts. 

You can always create a custom HTML section on your landing page to create the markup. The challenge would be formatting, but it’s entirely feasible. 

What type are you looking for? I could see some standard options for the most common types from embedded in Unbounce video embeds, images, or even the page itself.

Another question - do you really want Google, Bing, and Yahoo crawling, indexing, and ranking your landing pages? Most people don’t if they are concerned about duplicate content issues or the (usually) temporary nature of landing pages that can’t easily be 301 redirected after their useful lifespan (now there’s an idea for the Unbounce team!)


Thanks very much for your quick reply, it is very helpful.

I am just researching at the moment. Whilst we use Unbounce for landing pages, I was looking at setting up a simple homepage for a domain as well.

Your response has answered my question, thanks again!



I am actually using Unbounce as a homepage for a domain right now. It is a temporary solution before the full site is built.

It isn’t a bad idea in this instance, but for most other landing pages its probably overkill.