Stripe Integration


Have a look at It handles all the payment logic between your Unbounce page and Stripe, letting you keep Stripe’s awesome checkout experience. If you need anything, feel freel to email me directly to


@Hristian I would like to get in touch to discuss the option to implement stripe. How can you be reached?


Curious - has this launched?


Hi @Mark_H,

Yes, my Stripe integration for Unbounce landing pages is live on a few dozen landing pages.

You can PM me for more details.



Hi @Hristian, yeah it’s awesome. I’ll probably be purchasing it from your page, but I also want to know if there’s a way to auth & capture as that’s what the requirement is at this time.

More importantly, I was curious to see if Unbounce is working on a native integration like @Justin stated. :slight_smile:


Hi Mark,

Can you clarify “auth & capture” a bit more?



Here you go:



Hi Mark,

My script doesn’t support auth & capture in it’s current form.

The auth part is pretty straight forward but in order to follow up with the capture, you’ll have to make a second API call.
This means you need to develop a whole backend to do this.

Out of curiosity, what would be the use case for this?
Free trial comes to mind but you can do that with a subscription. Plus you’ll have more flexibility since the capture event needs to happen up to 7 days from the moment of auth.



Hi Hristian,

I purchased your Unbounce/Stripe integration plugin.

it seems it has the old documentation for the AWS Nodejs previous version and AWS upgraded to new version.

can you please send me new version PDF document to follow?

I enabled the CORS as per their documentation and done everything, but its not allowing me to call the same from unbounce.

Please let me know.
Otherwise I need to do custom coding for the stripe integration. please check with them and let me know.


Hi Hristian,

I wanted to ask if your Stripe integration still works? I can’t find Stripe in the directory of integrations for Unbounce so I’m wondering if they have removed it in the time since you posted. Any information you could provide would be very helpful!