Stripe Integration






also interested! Curious where the block is - is it biz decision to stay away from e-commerce or is it about limited development resources?


us too, please. exploring Zapier as a workaround, but a proper integration is attractive to us. Don’t want to have to send them straight to a web site rather than Unbounce absent this integration. Has anyone tried a JS solution?


Also following up on this, has anyone found a solution? Zapier appears to only “trigger” once a “charge occurs” problem is, within unbounce you can only create tokens, not actual charges. Therefore, the zap will never fire. 


Hi guys, 

A “simple” .js solution won’t work in this case. As Kenji mentioned above, the JavaScript code only generates a token which still needs to be “processed”. 

You’ll always need a backend code to tie it all together. On top of that, handling payments for a 3rd party opens up a whole other bag of worms in terms of PCI compliance, etc. 

I assume, that’s why Unbounce hasn’t integrated it yet. 

Anyway, if someone needs a more immediate solution, my team and I can integrate it for you assuming you are able to host your own backend files. 

You can email me directly with more details for a quote at: h [at] revise [dot] cc



Hey guys, 

Since my last comment here, I had the opportunity to work on integrating Stripe for a client’s project. 

I decided to take that experience and see if I can make it work with an Unbounce page.

Now a few days later, I’m happy to report that it’s possible. 

You can see a live demo right here.

For those interested, I’ve packaged the whole thing as a couple of scripts that you can purchase for your own projects. 


P.S. The scripts use Stripe’s embedded checkout form and it’s only for one time purchases.
In theory, it can be made to support subscription payments but that opens up the question of what happens after you charge someone for a subscription. Usually, you’ll need to update a database or a system but there are far too many of those to cover them with a general script. 


You’re a Hero


Thank you Romaric but hero is a bit too strong. :) 

Technically speaking, Stripe is fairly easy to implement. 

My challenge was actually finding a backend solution that would work for anyone that wants to use it - hence the strange choice of using Amazon’s AWS. 


Thanks Hristian for you’re response. 

I like when tools are used for not the first reason that there are built. 

Especially when it has no cost to use (Amazon’s AWS ;)). 

Good job ! 


This is great!!!


This is gold!


Hi Hristian, how can we purchase the scripts? Very keen to get this up and running on our landing pages!


Hey Jay! I think he’s got a link right here!


Hi Jay, 

Although the script is ready and functioning, I still need to finish up the documentation for it. 

Are you planning on implementing it yourself or would you need my help?



payolee offer stripe integration


Wow. Thank you so much for doing this


Hi Hristian,

I am wondering if there have been any updates that would allow you to make multiple payments?

Would be a huge help!

Please let me know if you get a chance.


Hi Lee, 

Can you define multiple payments? Are you referring to subscription payments?

The script is not currently set up for subscription payments.

I can fairly easy adjust it to accept subscriptions but the problem with subscriptions is that usually you need something else to happen after the payment (ex. updating a database, giving access to a particular system, creating/updating an account, etc.).

Can you tell me a bit more about your particular needs and I’ll see how I can help? 


P.S. You can email me directly at: if you don’t want to share details publicly. 


If you’d like a managed solution to this problem, check out It works by handling all the logic between the click on a buy button to making the actual charge for a Stripe transaction. It offers a number of other benefits too, like verifying that the charge amount is the same as the price you defined to the product, etc.

Email me directly if you have any questions or would like a demo, to