Stripe Integration


Hey guys! 

Now that unbounce worked really hard  to get the ssl, how about on developing a stripe integration with unbounce forms so that unbounce customers can charge directly on their landing pages? Imagine all the cool ecommerce templates you could have and now the testing will become more serious, which variant sells more. 

I would like to see unbounce on this list one day: 

Thank you!


Commenting because I too am interested in this. Is there a way to do anything similar currently?


You have a solid point, Kenji.  While that isn’t in my realm of needs at the moment I do believe you have a valid point.

Best of luck triggering the integration!




I am in need of this as well.


I am also interested!!!


Also interested.


+1 from me! Also did anyone manage to embed Stripe Checkout form ( into unbounce page?


Yep, you can do that! I added a custom html block and then added the Stripe checkout javascript to that html block. Works so far :slight_smile:  


Can you share?:) 


The page isn’t finished yet (so there isn’t a public link), but I can take screenshots. What exactly would you like to see? 


I would like to see as well.


Also interested.


Stripe Checkout is a partial solution because it only generates a Token but you need to request the final payment via API which means you need a developer, that is why Im requesting unbounce to integrate with Stripe so we don’t have to deal with any coding. Actually now that Stripe just launched Relay it has become easier for Unbounce to generate this feature. 


Thanks Kenji! We’ve begun looking into this now, hopefully will have some kind of update soon. Also looking forward to seeing the screenshots, Roman!


The biggest issue is the one mentioned by Kenji - Checkout doesn’t charge but
 just creates a token so I’m curious about your solution Roman.

BTW, generally Wufoo payment forms works very very well with unbounce and Stripe - you can also open payment form in the light box after someone click Buy Now button so it looks like a fully integrated gateway from customer perspective. 




Also interested in this


I need it too


Same here!


+1 - this would be EPIC!