Stop bouncing


Anyone have any different suggestions on how to stop all the “bouncing.”  We have checked ads relevancy, wording on the page, consulted all the webinars available on Unbounce,  talked to experts on conversions, etc.  Nothing seems to work.  We are getting 170 visits per day and an average of 2 conversions (email info); this is really pathetic.  Help pleassssse!


Hi Don, 

Would you be able to share a few things with our Community so we can all take a look?

  1. A link to your landing page (not the actual page itself, just a copy so we don’t affect your stats)
  2. Campaign goal of the page
  3. Traffic source (PPC, email, display, social, organic)
  4. Screenshot of source (email, ad etc.) for context (upload directly)



Don are you using the Google Display Network?


Hello Justin and Mark, thank you for getting back with us. Just to review, we at Ambassador Ministries, are a non-profit corp. We have been using unbounce for 3 weeks. We have made an effort to follow all of the suggested ways to put a landing page together and are experiencing 95% or more bounce rates. Here are the answers to you questions.

  1. Landing page links

  2. Our goal is to collect emails and get our branding started

  3. We have a Google add grant PPC account. We get 150 -200 clicks a day from our PPC account with onlt 0-2 conversions/optins a day

  4. Please use Landing Page links above to see our landing pages. We have a total of 4 with a few variants, but similar styles.

Thank you for your suggestions,

Don & Debra Coffeen
Ambassdor Ministries



Landing page can be better but 0-2 conversions still doesn’t sound right. 

From a brief look, it seems you gather donations for the various charities (apologies if I’m nowhere close). Most times, I would think, people do not quite search to make donations. So maybe intent is what you need to focus on?

Are the keywords relevant to the intent of the searcher?
For example, a keyword that says “charities for philippines that accept donations” would have more of an intention of conversion than “list of philippines charities”.

I may be completely wrong here, at which point hopefully some smart people will intervene. :slight_smile:
Good luck!


Hi Don,

I looked at your page (, a few suggestions:

  1.   Form - Change it to the left/center. Change the colors. The form header is Sign Up Now instead of the benefits the user will have from signing up.
    2.  Headline - The sub-text font size is too big. Take the whole section to the top of the page.
    3.  CTA - Change the text

I performed over 400 A/B tests on my landing page, you can take a look and take some ideas.

Good luck!


Hi Don,
The form could use some work.
Try to consider form-first design. Designing the form area as if it’s the only thing on the page.

Sign up now is aggressive and doesn’t tell me what I’ll get or why I should care.
Have the form headline more about how it’ll make my life better. 

If it’s about success stories and hearing about how you’re having a positive impact then sell me on that, so I can understand why I’d want to subscribe.

You do mention these things further down, but you’re asking me to commit at the top. I’d bring a couple of bullet points into the above-the-fold area.

Also, what’s your goal with the email? Are you trying to get people to donate? Why would I want to receive the newsletter? Am I just a concerned citizen in general? 

What type of conversion rate did you expect? Is there any precedent from what you’ve done in the past?

You might be a candidate for placing the form at the bottom of the page to see if people want to read more before committing.

I’d also consider the primacy effect for the benefits you list. People are more likely to remember the first item in the list when they decide to act, and being perfectly honest, I don’t care much about an image gallery - that seems more appropriate for a media kit.

Later on you are saying sign up to change a life. How can I change a life by subscribing to a newsletter? It feels a little like you’re going to start bothering me to donate, when in fact you might be better off asking up front for donations. I’m not sure.

I hope some of that helps and/or gives you a few more ideas and questions to answer.



You need to frame your value better.

To me, this is your offer:
“Subscribe to receive depressing emails about children living in poverty”


Try to rework the page to this,
“Subscribe to learn more about Ambassador Ministries’ transformational work helping children living in poverty. We will also tell you about easy ways you can get involved and make a difference!”