Stipe not showing on mobile view


Hey Guys. 

We are developing some landing pages. We use stripe as a payment processor. We intergrated stripe into our landing pages. The stripe pop shows on desktop but not mobile. 

Has anyone else ever seen this issue?



Hi Ivor,

Toggle onto Mobile view. Is the HTML element visible here? What about if you preview the page and toggle onto mobile view. Is it visible now?

If not, open the Page Content panel on the bottom left. Locate the HTML element and turn the visibility on using the small, greyed out eye icon. This will now make the section visible on mobile. 

If it is visible, could you please provide us with the page URL? I will take a look + I’m sure some tech ninjas here will be able to cast an eye too.




Hi Ivor, 

As someone who has implemented Stripe on more than a dozen pages in the last few months, I can confirm that the Stripe pop up should work on mobile phones. 

You can find my example page here and check it out on your phone. 

Without seeing your actual page is kind of hard to trouble shoot it. 

Most probably, you have an issue with your front end script and something is preventing it from loading.