Sticky Mobile Nav + Hamburger Menu = odd bars in between header/section 1


i implemented the following scripts on some of my pages and i’m getting an odd black bar in between the header section and the first content section on mobile only. if you mention me I’ll DM you a link but would appreciate any help here.

Sticky Nav [Tips & Scripts] Sticky Navigation Bar For Desktop - The Code Behind Our Call-To-Action Conference Page

Mobile menu [Tips & Scripts] Mobile Hamburger Navigation Menu


Hey there!

Would you mind sending a screenshot of what you’re seeing? Or if you’d like to DM me a link to your landing page where this is happening, I can get a better look.

It’s nearly end of the work day here in Vancouver, so it might be Monday morning before I’m able to jump back in – but there’s lots of savvy folks here in different time zones who might be able to help you out before I do!

I’ll keep my eyes peeled :banana:


thanks, i just DM’d you @Jess!