Sticky Bar and Popup GA tracking

Hi there!

I’m having some trouble tracking with Google Analytics the actions on my sticky bar and popups. I wonder if anybody has ever had the same problem :thinking:

I’m currently using the sticky bar as a sort of “fixed menu” (I’m using the sticky 'cause I want it to appear after a certain amount of time). I’m also using my popup in order to put some anchors to the landing page itself (“did u see the FAQs? —> link”)

It seems that using a sticky bar or a popup generates a new session.
Additionally, Sticky and popups are iframes, embedded in a different hostname. This means I cannot measure how much It can improve the conversion rate, since I can’t see a correlation between the clicks on the sticky bar and the form completion.

Since I’m doing conversion rate optimization on my page, this is pretty disappointing.

Hav you ever had the same problem?