Sticky banner on specific URLs - not working

We’re using a sticky banner to target a specific page on our website. This all works great and the banner only shows on that specific page when a user scroll 5% down, the rules that we’ve set.

The big problem is if a user didn’t close the sticky banner and navigates to a new page, the banner stays visible, even though the URL has changed. This is a problem as our sticky banner is being used for an ebook related to that specific page only.

I tried setting a “don’t show” rule for anything containing the root URL, but that doesn’t work. Just seems that the set rules don’t apply once the banner is shown. Any other suggestions here?

Hi @Trevor_Gerring and welcome to the community :smiley:

This sounds very odd indeed, and I wonder if you could share the URL of the page in question and also a screenshot of the settings for the sticky?

If all else fails it’s also worth trying to unpublish and republish :wink: