Stats by Device Category


Hi Guys,

Getting conversion stats by the rendered version of each variant would be gold. Changes that improve conversion on DT may hurt conversion on Mobile and vice-versa. This is important data that is currently missing. Anyone else agree?



Hi @Farmer_Brown,

Google Analytics can give you the stats you are looking for plus a lot more.

Are you currently pushing your landing page data to GA?



I am but viewing this information in unbounce would save a tone of time.

What is the best way to view this in analytics?


Even do you can view this in GA, I actually think it would be cool to see this in UB. Since we have a mobile view anyways it would be to see the conversion rates for both views we have designed. It could be as simple as a dropdown menu that switches between desktop conversion and mobile conversion.

I +1 this :slight_smile:


How do you suggest we view this data in analytics clearly, quickly and easily?


Hi @Farmer_Brown,

The easiest way is to build custom reports and/or set up goals.

Depending on your particular needs a custom report can gather and present all the data you need to make a decision. You can also use it to break down your data and really dig into devices, traffic sources, screen sizes or anything else that you can normally get from GA.



I have about 60 landing pages. Native reporting for this would make life
much easier. Are there any plans for this?


I don’t actually work for Unbounce so I can’t comment on future plans. However, I believe they’ve mentioned revamping the stats dashboard as something that’s being worked on.

Either way, Unbounce’s primary purpose is allowing you to quickly build, launch and A/B test landing pages. Analytics is secondary to this and as such, you are much better off using a tool like Google Analytics to do your analysis.