Statistics include all presences on web of unbounce page?


If I use an Unbounce page as an iframe on another site, will that be included in the statistics, or do the statistics only report activity originating at the designated domain?


Hi Steve,

The statistics we record for your page would include activity where the page is embedded in another site using an iframe. We’ve seen customers use this to do split-testing on small, embedded components, for example.

Would be curious to hear your use case, what’s driving your requirement to embed an Unbounce page as an iframe?


  • Carl


I operate a couple of child care facilities, which also offer birthday parties. I wanted to give the parties a stand-alone presence, because when people learn about parties on the child care site, it seems to lessen the appeal. So I used a different domain and the Unbounce page, and it seems to work. On the other hand, I didn’t want to lose potential leads that happened to be at the child care site, so I embedded the Unbounce page because it seems much more effective at capturing leads than what was there previously.


Hi Steve, thanks for that description! Not sure what I can recommend at the moment that will totally solve it for you. You can easily duplicate your page, and that would keep the stats separate, but then you have two places to make changes, and two different lead lists.

We’re starting to think about adding some segmentation features to our built-in reporting, I’ll make some notes about your example for when we get around to implementing that.