Stationary/Sticky Column


Hello Unbounce community!

I Did some digging around to setup stationary column and wasn’t able to find the information so I thought I’d initiate my first post!

I’m trying to setup a stationary column on the right so that it’s visible at all times for the visitors to sign up.

I’m aware that this feature isn’t supported by Unbounce and that custom coding will be necessary.

Can anyone help me to the right direction to achieve this? Once done so, I’m curious on how to make it responsive for mobile.

I’m working with a client who is insistent on this feature for conversion and I thought I’d do my due diligence to see if it can be achieved with the Unbounce builder.

An example of stationary/sticky column can be found here

Thank you in advance!


HI @elementiq,

You can find a recent thread regarding the same question right here.

I’ve even provided a proof of concept and instructions on how to achieve it.