Startup Recipe: Launch Your Website in 3 Days For $165


Within this topic, we’ll discuss the instructions provided in Unbounce’s Startup Recipe “Launch A Website in 3 Days For $165” by Paul Lean at Kuucall. To see the rest of the recipes in the series, please visit the Startup Recipes Homepage.

Paul’s watching the thread and welcomes any questions you might have about the recipe, so ask away!


Thanks for sharing your story with us Paul! I have a few questions to get us started…

  • What mistakes did you make?
  • At what point do you think you’ll upgrade to a full-fledged website?
  • What other types of startups do you think could use this recipe? How might they modify it?


Hey Corey,

Thanks for the introduction!

One of the biggest mistakes I made was focusing on things that didn’t really matter, like a full-fledged website. I really should have focused on selling instead. We literally spent a month looking at other companies’ websites thinking about the content, design, wireframe, and branding as well as finding the right people for the job.
We found out that creating a full website actually took a really long time. You know, from providing the content, working with the designer to make sure our ideas were delivered, to the conversion aspect, the SEO aspect, and the blog aspect of a website.
It also cost us a lot of money because the quotes we got from $500-$7000 could have been better spent on advertising to generate more clients. After pondering for a long time, I realized that a website’s job is to get the customers to do what you want them to do. That’s why I decided to have just a landing page up and running so I could focus on the bigger aspect of the business which is sales.

We plan to upgrade the website once we have strong data on which landing pages generate the best conversions. From there, we will model after the best performing landing page as a homepage so we know that the homepage is converting traffic into users (instead of just being another fancy site).

I believe that not all start-ups should have a full-fledged website. By using Unbounce, you can:

  • Test many variations of your homepage quickly and cost effectively and see which converts better
  • Make text adjustments, integration or some minor changes quickly without going through a web developer, thus saving you time and money
  • Easily clone or duplicate any websites or landing pages that you are interested in
  • This is my favorite- I can run multiple FB ad campaigns to multiple landing pages with multiple headlines and offers without any technical expertise and money. This would allow us to quickly test which ads work and which landing pages work.

Feel free to comment below if you have any questions!


Brilliantly said. Thanks Paul!