Startup Recipe: Launch a Product in a Weekend


Within this topic, we’ll discuss the instructions provided in Unbounce’s Startup Recipe “Launch a Product in a Weekend” by Robin Choy at Hiresweet. To see the rest of the recipes in the series, please visit the Startup Recipes Homepage.

Robin’s watching the thread and welcomes any questions you might have about the recipe, so ask away!


Robin, thanks very much for sharing your story with us! I had a few questions I’d like to ask to kick things off:

  • Do you think you could take this recipe and apply it to other events that are more predictable (like Christmas or New Years Eve)? If so, what events do you think would work?
  • What other types of startups do you think could use this recipe? How might they modify it?
  • What mistakes did you make?


Thanks for this awesome article Corey!

  • That would probably work, and there were some interesting initiatives on Christmas (such as Vyte’s productivity advent calendar). However, I believe it works best on unpredictable events (aka Black Swans: Brexit, Apple’s wireless AirPods…). Courage’s AirPod’s leash did a pretty nice buzz too!
  • Any startup could use this really! I think Unbounce even allows Stripe payment through a Wufoo integration, so even a startup that would like to launch a product over the week-end could use this. The idea is really to be able to deliver your value proposition (we did the first matches manually and nothing was automated at first), and to be clear on what you want to achieve. They could probably improve it using different integrations (like a chat for better interaction).
  • We did two main mistakes. We couldn’t avoid the first one: we launched the page during the summer - we could have much more attention if everyone wasn’t on vacation, but we couldn’t really wait. The second one is that we probably should have embed more virality in the page (maybe include a viral loop and ease the social sharing). In retrospect, it would have been a huge boost for #WelcomeJames!

If anyone wants to try this, feel free to jump into the comments!