Starting up a CRO Agency - marketing


Hi everyone!

It looks like I’m on the verge of launching a conversion optimization agency. For several years I’ve run internet-marketing team in my own e-commerce and lead-gen companies. Convertion always was the main scope - better PPC, better website lead-gen, better call-center sales. Being completely uninterested in all that off-line stuff I finally decide to offer my team services for external customers.

The question concerns me: How should I differentiate on the market? How to look distinct from all those full-cycle marketing agencies?
Let alone freelancers, here in Russia we have a number of agencies doing all the job - SEO, PPC, web-design, SMM, etc. Some of them even have CRO teams inside. In general they make their customers simple offers - to create new better web-site, to run more efficient PPC capmagn, to improve SERP positions or to run their internet-marketing all in one package. It seems like CRO-audit is mainly a lead-gen tool for them.

I do not want to run PPC campaigns :slight_smile: My offer is to make better marketing: to improve the web-site CR, to identify problems with paid-traffic generation and leaks with orders/leads capture - through deeper analytics and customer research.
BUT - making a sort of customer development I’ve found it difficult sometimes to explain my value proposition in a simple and clear way. People ask questions like “Ok, how much additional traffic would I get?”, “Would you redesign my web-site?” or “What do you offer my in-house marketer do not provide?”

How do you position you agencies and yourself as CRO-experts on the market? Do you offer additional services? How do you explain your value to potential customers?



I can’t tell you how many of these companies call me each month each saying the same thing. “we can help you, your website is whatever” and they drone on-and-on parroting each other ad infinitum.  I have tried half a dozen different companies and frankly not happy with any of them. If you want to be different  from the rest, offer TRUE customer support and be a real partner with your customer. If you can do that and communicate it clearly you will own the world.