⭐ Conversion Quest ⭐


Hello, Conversion Champions!

In this community thread, PPC marketers embarking on their Conversion Quest can introduce themselves and ask for support on topics like:

  • How to get clients excited about landing pages
  • How to price landing page services
  • Landing page design advice and critiques

And if you’re lucky, one of the fabled @Unbounce-Experts might just chime in and share some sage advice!

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Who has started the quest???


I have!! I am looking for a bit of information to show my boss at work to convince him to buy in. Do you all have maybe a one sheeter or some page that has general information on the effectiveness of unbounce campaigns? We are in the dental marketing field so anything from the health vertical would be great!


Hey @mturner5!

We have lots of clients in the health vertical, a majority of them being specifically dentists. I can tell you for a fact that Unbounce landing pages not only helped us get them overwhelmingly better results, they also helped us increase revenue streams (all while providing more than enough value in return hehe).

Here’s an interesting case study about one of our clients that demonstrates what we had to do to convince our client to give up on sending traffic to his website, and to adopt landing pages. It covers the convincing process as well as the increase in results at every stage (https://unbounce.com/marketing-agencies/client-website-sabotaging-their-ppc-success/)

Feel free to hit me up if you want more numbers, more insight, and just overall tips!



Hey Mark! It’s not 1 page, but this is Unbounce’s first crack at creating a document for convincing your boss. If you have any suggestions on how we might improve or shorten it, I’d love to relay your advice back to our content team.



Nice work for the Conversion Quest!
Quick question: I guess that most of us are already working with designers who have mastered the principles of conversion goals (hopefully!). So how do you get your creative team on board with Unbouce tools? I mean, it’s not always easy to convince someone to use something new and different…



Hi Valentine,

I think the best thing we have to show a designer would be this page: https://unbounce.com/how-to-create-a-landing-page/, because it’ll walk them through the page builder, which should show them how easy and flexible it is.

I’d be really curious how others describe Unbounce to their designer though :slight_smile:



This is an awesome question and it just so happens I had this exact same issue come up at our agency when I first introduced Unbounce. I had to convince both our designers AND development teams that Unbounce as a viable platform for our agency.

Believe it or not convincing my creative director and design team was pretty easy. For development it was a little harder. As the marketer in the bunch I had to unite the two teams because I felt strongly about adding this tool to my toolkit.

The reason I felt strongly that I needed an Unbounce solution was simple. I believed @Oli_Gardner when he says NSAMCWADLP. I had tons of PPC traffic going to evergreen landing pages that I had no control over the look/feel or content.

What I did to convince our design team was I took a PSD that they had created for a landing page and built it in unbounce matching pixel for pixel. Including the use of a custom font. When they say that it was possible to make the live pages look like their designs, they were happy. Note: since that time we have really focused in on the principles of conversion centered design, and unbounce platform specific things that can/can’t be done with ease.

My dev team took a little longer to convince. They were afraid that I was trying to create new workflows outside of our normal process because something was “broken”. This could not have been further from the truth. Remember that PSD that I turned into an Unbouce page for design? Well it took one of our devs 8h to turn that into a page on the client’s site. It took me less than 4. It was the FIRST time I had used the platform. Since then I have gotten MUCH faster :wink:

I was able to prove to dev that for these dedicated marketing campaigns that using a hosted platform solution was far more efficient. Sometimes I need a page to be live for just a day or two. Sometimes they run for months and end up with 10-15 iterations through a/b testing… either way with marketing building/testing them we are able to deliver results faster for our clients than having to pull a dev off a major web build to spin up a quick landing page for a new PPC campaign.

Once our account managers saw how we were using the platform they were able to start to sell it as part of our marketing engagements and increasing our retainers… needless to say with a little “show and tell” I was able to get company buy-in in just a couple of weeks.

To your point, it is not easy to convince others to try something new. But if you believe that you can drive better results with a new tool you will be successful!

Good luck!


:point_up: So much this.

The first time I used Unbounce (before actually working here) I wasn’t really convinced what the benefits were over the traditional HTML/web dev side that I was familiar with. However, when I actually jumped into the builder and built my first landing page, it became crystal clear.

Yes, you could code similar landing pages by hand, but it would take you 2-4x the time to do so. With Unbounce, you can quickly build your design, then spend the rest of your time creating variants, optimizing, A/B testing, etc. You can squeeze more out of less. You can move much faster and deploy instantly. The time to value is incredible.

I was so blown away that I actually created a landing page and applied to work at Unbounce. Needless to say, the page converted nicely. :wink:

I would say get your teams in the builder and let them see for themselves. Show them how you can work from a .PSD and go live within an hour. Show them how easy it is to create multiple variants and test things like the headline, or hero image.

Hope this helps!