Stand alone or a part of web site


is landing page a part of my web site or is it a separate domain?
Also, if it is set up as a separate domain, I assume i will need SEO for that as well , correct?


That’s a smart question, one I never thought about.

From what I’ve scanned so far, I think each landing page domain begins with http://unbounce/your_landing_page_title, but I’m listening in with interest to the response.


Hi Thomas and Jason!

At this time Unbounce pages are stand-alone pages hosted on the Unbounce servers.

However, although they cannot be integrated with existing websites, you can certainly set them up on a custom domain that reflects a connection with your main website.

Jason made a good point in that by default, all Unbounce pages are given a URL like ‘’. But once you set up a custom domain for your Unbounce account and pages, you will no longer need to use the default domain that we provide (typically only used for initial testing of the pages before launching them into active campaigns.)

To provide an example, if you have an active website at ‘’, you will want to ensure not to use this as a custom domain in Unbounce since the setup requires you to point it away from your website, rendering it inaccessible. Instead, you can use something like ‘’ as a custom subdomain with your Unbounce account and pages instead.

In terms of SEO, any SEO done for your Unbounce page will be for the custom domain that page is connected to specifically. So in the example above, the SEO will be for ‘’

I hope this helps clarify things a bit!


Is there a way to set up custom domain name without specific landing page to point to our website? For example, our website is and custom domain in Unbounce is If someone by accident lands on the custom domain and not specific landing page, how do I point them to our main website?

Thank you!