SSL version of page not loading some elements and text



Created a new page and realized that while everything works perfectly with HTTP, on the HTTPS version some elements are not loaded fully. Specifically, I am having issues with images and tel: links.

The page is connected to Wordpress with the app, it’s a new client and the first page with them, so I tried to create another page and add some pics to it, just to check - everything worked fine with.

Any ideas?

Thank you!


When you change the domain to the default domain, do you still have the issue or is it only when you’re publishing to the domain you’re using with your WordPress site?

And also, something you could try is making sure you clear the cache within WordPress and seeing if the problem persists.


Hi Nicholas,

On the unbounce domain everything works fine, the issue is with the WordPress domian. Tried to clear cache - didn’t help.

It’s a bit curious because the site itself runs with SSL without any issue.