SSL Update, Please


Unbounce team, an SSL update, please. I am finding - as I suspect others are as well - that it’s becoming increasingly important to offer SSL / HTTPS. I understand the logistics of it must be challenging since certificates are assigned per domain, but the SSL train is leaving with or without us…


Hi Fred - we’re actively working on SSL now. It’s been on our Product Roadmap for quite awhile, and thing like our new page server and some other infrastructure upgrades laid the groundwork necessary for the feature, but our Dev team’s now actively building out and testing the different parts that will specifically make up the SSL feature.

We don’t have an ETA yet, but we’ll be sure to update here when we have a more substantial update.


somewhere in the forum i readed abou a user group for testing the ssl feature.
Is it possible to get in this user group?
We have a very strong need on this feature!
Right now we can just serve a few of our clients with the “normal” landingpages from unbounce - because this feature is missing.
In the next month we should start with a couple of campaigns for our insurance clients and they have ssl as an requirement for their landingpages.

best regards


Hi Michael, 
We’ll email you directly. Hang tight!


Hi Justin,

same for us. Facing problems with campaigns for customers without SSL. Can you get us into the testing group, too?

Best regards


Any progress on SSL?

Seriously think this will change everything if we can make secured payments without being redirected to Palpal.


Hi Justin, 

Actually, SSL has already been released in full! Check it out here:


Good news, everyone! SSL has finally been released for all PRO99 plans and up. Check out the release thread here. Thanks for your continued support for this feature! 


Hey everyone!

Just wanted to give you all a quick update and let you know that  SSL is on the way;  and it’s actually a lot closer than you might think! Paul Doerfling, a Product Manager here at Unbounce, just released a quick SSL update in the Community detailing our final timeline for launch (spoiler: it’s soon), as well as a few tidbits about what to expect when it’s live. 

Go check out update and share your thoughts/feedback here.