SSL Protection on Landing Page


If I were to point my landing page to my domain which is behind an SSL would this work like regular SSL protection?


Hi Jesse! That’s actually a good question, but if I’m understanding your question correctly, it doesn’t really work that way. The SSL encryption happens on your web server. By pointing your domain (via a DNS CNAME entry) at our Unbounce web servers, there’s no chance for your SSL-enabled web server to get involved and do its thing.

We’re hoping to add SSL support later this year. In the meantime, some of our customers are using CloudFlare, which acts as a proxy and *does* sit in front of the Unbounce servers so it can add SSL support.


great, thank you… I checked into CloudFlare… pretty cool… thanks for turning me on to it! can’t wait to try it… as well I will keep my eye out for your own SSL protection.


CloudFlare - interesting service. Thanks for mentioning it.


Any update on SSL option?


We have some infrastructure work going on that’s a necessary precursor to offering this, which will hopefully get completed later this month. So we might be in a position to offer this as a beta option sometime this summer. I’ve added your name in our issue tracking system so we can get in touch as soon as we have something to offer.


Thanks Carl. Keep rockin’ the app!


Hey everyone!

Just wanted to give you all a quick update and let you know that  SSL is on the way;  and it’s actually a lot closer than you might think! Paul Doerfling, a Product Manager here at Unbounce, just released a quick SSL update in the Community detailing our final timeline for launch (spoiler: it’s soon), as well as a few tidbits about what to expect when it’s live. 

Go check out update and share your thoughts/feedback here.


Good news, everyone!

SSL has finally been released for all PRO99 plans and up. Check out the release thread here:

Thanks for your continued support for this feature!