SSL certification


Depending who the target audience is (especially information security clients) people don’t like to submit forms and information if they know it’s not secure. So SSL would have instil confidence in people sharing information and followinth thru on Landing Pages


Unbounce is running on https:// so no worries. Makes the tool suitable as well for use at iframe pages.


Hey guys, just want to clarify that the Unbounce app and editor are hosted securely but that published landing pages are not. This means that Unbounce pages are not suitable for Facebook at this time.

We know this is an important feature so please add your votes by clicking the +1 button above and share any feedback you have below.


It would be good if you could integrate the SSL that would get us the green bar


Facebook pages are a top priority. We very badly need an easy way to make landing pages for Facebook.



HTTPS and ability to show visitors that the page is secure is a huge feature!


i just found out that my conversions suck because of not being able to offer https/SSL - please integrate asap! PS: this thread is a year old???


Hi, what is the status on this feature? Thanks, Oliver


BUMP. You guys will lose my business if you are unable to provide SSL. I believe you are missing out on a huge market by not offering HTTPS LPs.

The GSA has stated "If PII needs to be transmitted over the Internet, it must be sent using encryption methods defined in the GSA Information Technology (IT) Security Policy (GSA CIO P 2100.1E, Ch. 4, para. 22).

We do work with government entities and large organizations who have the same PII data transmission policy and as a result we must comply. I have been the largest proponent of using now across multiple companies, but until this feature is available, we must stop using for our internal lead gen efforts.

I also highly recommend that anyone using for your corporate lead gen campaigns consider your security policy and the local laws currently being enacted around secure transmission of PII. If you are collecting PII over http only, you should reconsider.


Hey Nick - I appreciate the feedback, we hear the demand for SSL loud and clear! It may seem like we’ve been silent on this issue, but we’ve done a significant amount of R&D to develop a scalable page serving platform that can accommodate many of our upcoming features, including SSL support.

The first feature we’re in the middle of building that uses this new platform is Dynamic Keyword Insertion. This is the ability to dynamically insert URL parameter values into your page at a server-side level (most customers will use this for inserting the ‘keywords’ from a PPC ad.) SSL has been prototyped though, and will be tackled when this feature is complete.

I have a few questions I’ll be putting out to this thread soon, but for right now can I ask how important the following two traffic types are for you?

  • Visitors using Internet Explorer on Windows XP
  • Visitors on Android 2.0

The solution we are looking at (SNI) isn’t handled well in those two scenarios. We could still default to HTTP for both of them though, would that suffice?

Thanks for your patience Nick.


Gingerbread generates is still nearly 40% of the Android market and falling.…
We do not get much LP traffic today on Android, but that is dramatically changing for us in the coming months.

IE 8 is the end of the line for XP (no IE9 on XP) yet is the LARGEST browser on the market. So yes… it could make a huge difference.…


Adding SSL to landing pages would also ease up integrating Stripe to process Credit Card payments or pre-orders instantenously. I just want to know if it’ll work with custom domains too or we’ll need to purchase a separate SSL certificate ? please tell me about this.


Hey there! We’re still working out details. Likely it will only work with your own custom domains hosted by Unbounce (i.e. not Whether or not you would have to purchase a separate certificate is up to you. This is where it gets a little complicated, and is perhaps more information than you’d ever want to know.

It depends on what kind of certificate you might already have, and how you feel about having that certificate hosted by a third party. If you have a “wildcard” cert (that certifies *, or perhaps a UC cert (that certifies multiple specific named hosts such as, info.mycompany, etc), then you could use the same cert. If not, you’d have to purchase a certificate specifically for your Unbounce-hosted custom domain.

Some companies prefer to have dedicated certificates depending on who controls and hosts them.

Hope that helps to explain it a bit…


When will you release the new SSL feature?


Hi Nick - Unfortunately it’s a bit too soon for me to give you an ETA for SSL, but I have tagged you in our system as someone who is interested in the feature. We’ll be following up with this group of customers as soon as we have something to show.




I read there is a work around. I want to get my landing pages on Facebook. Is there a way to do this? I do not want to move to leadpages as they suck compared to unbounce.


Hi Randal - there isn’t a reliable work around that we know of. I know it is possible to hack a non-SSL page so it will load in Facebook, but that page will crash pretty quickly after load, so that’s definitely not a route you want to take.

Our Product team is working hard on the issue and I’ve tagged you in our system, so we’ll be able to update you as soon as we have something to show customers.


Hiya, I’m just about to set up my LinkedIn ads and they threw in that I’d need to be using HTTPS, is this possible now?


Hi Ingram - we have not released serving of pages over SSL yet. We are working on the feature and have laid out much of the groundwork to get it going, but I don’t have an ETA at this time, unfortunately.

You should be able to go from your LinkedIn ad to a non-SSL destination page though–anything embedded in LinkedIn (including tracking) has to be served over SSL, but your ad can go to a non-SSL page.