Splitting the Phone number filed into Coutnry code + phone number


Is it possible to re-format the phone number field, so that it includes country code and phone number?


If I understand your question correctly, you’re looking to have a phone number field that automatically formats a phone number as it is inputted. This may be possible by leveraging a javascript solution like http://www.phoneformat.com/, however this will require some Javascript coding. At the moment I don’t have a readily made solution available for you.

I’d be curious to see if any of our other users have implemented a similar solution on their landing pages.


Thanks for the reply Noah…
Actually I’ve managed to do this with the help of our developer, (Similar to your suggestion, but with a different JS that we build), and it looks good.


That’s awesome Saady. So glad you were able to get this set up. If you could share how you set this up, I’m sure other customers would find it really useful and be extremely grateful! 


Hi Saady! 
Would you be interested in sharing how you did this with the Community? This kind of thing could surely be useful for others as well.


Yes, please share your findings


Would love to see this.


We’d love to see some code samples as well.