Split testing using shopify buy buttin

Hi guys, does anyone have much experience using shopify buy buttons?

We are using them and it is producing a good Conv rate %

But a couple of things is there any way you could use a shopify buy button and run smart traffic?

Any way you could place the buy button behind an unbounce standard button to get more customisation?

Anyway, you can speed the button up, in terms of appearing on the page as there seems to be a lag?

Thanks, sorry for all the questions!

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Hey Lee, sorry about the slow response here. @Stefano and @Jonathan are my go-to’s for setting up landing pages for ecomm. I highly recommend checking out their workaround for integrating the buy button on your landing page here:

As for using Smart Traffic with a buy button, good question!! I think the issue here is that you’ll only be able to track the button click as the conversion – so you won’t be able to see in your page overview how many actual sales you received. That said, if you have multiple variants with a buy button, Smart Traffic will still be able to send traffic to the page they’re most likely to convert based on its learnings, so I would recommend switching that on if you haven’t already.

Hope this helps a bit, let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:


Hi, thanks for this, well the buy button is html, so it does not track it all, that is the first problem.

The second problem is that the only way to get it to track is with come external code but the domains need to match, on shopify the thank you page does not match my domain.

So, so far I am stuck with this and can only use GA to to track conv % on landers with a shopify buy button.

Any ideas?

Hi there! Since the Shopify Buy Button isn’t actually a button (it’s an HTML box) you cannot track conversions in Unbounce with it, thus you cannot use Smart Traffic :frowning:

In terms of customization, you’d need to play with the Buy Button script or with Shopify’s native settings for styling.

For speed, I’m not aware of any workaround sadly.

You can however use GTM to try and track these button clicks for other purposes.

You can conduct your split tests from the ads platform to mitigate this limitation.

Smart Traffic now supports external conversion tracking, so you should be able to add a script to your checkout process in Shopify for this. See here on what script to add.

@Jonathan - I find split tests from ads to be highly unreliable. This leaves it up to the advertising platform to decide who gets taken to what variant and it askews the data.

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@Finge The issue is that you cannot add scripts to Shopify checkout unless you’re on their Plus plan (most people are not). So that will not work.

On the ad level you can still run real AB tests. In Google they’re called Experiments. In Facebook they’re called AB tests. These are actually 100% ab tests. What you’re referring to is the notion of
“testing ads” which you are correct, relies on the algorithm.

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Hi guys, I’ve got this working now by pasting some code in the shopify backend! So now smart traffic is optimised for purchases when someone buys on shopify! :blush: