Split-testing of convertables



Is there a way to split-test convertables?
I tried to do it by embedding codes of two different convertables onto different page variants (of the same LP). But it seems that only one variant of convertables has been shown to visitors. Second convertable variant didn’t get any traffic, even though page variant which it was embedded into had a few visitors. :confused:


Hey Vlada,

Split testing is not supported just yet. However, there is one potential workaround.

The reason you are seeing the same Convertable on every visit is that the script you embedded on each of the page variants is the same for both Convertables. This script is tied to clients and not to individual Convertables. The reason for this is that it makes it easier for the script to be added to a host page just once and then used for many campaigns.

So the workaround! Create the second Convertable using a different client. This Convertable will then have a different script, which you can copy and place on your second page variant. Visitors will then see the second Convertable when they visit the second page variant.

This is very much a hack and far from ideal but I hope it helps you out. Don’t worry though A/B testing will be a key part of Convertables in the near future! Please feel free to let me know if there’s anything unclear.

[Feature Release] Popups (Formerly known as Convertables)

@VladaP another idea, albeit not ideal, simply test one convertable at a time. Example: once convertable A receives 1000 views, turn on convertable B. This isn’t ideal for testing, but, could be better than nothing :muscle:


Thanks, @Brian_Burns, for the hack. It would work if we had a few different clients in Unbounce.
Unfortunately, we have only one :pensive:, so we’re using the way @Stefano suggested so far.
And very much looking forward to Convertable testing feature being launched! :grinning:


There is another interim solution to testing your Convertables. For every Convertable there is a unique URL. You can set up A/B testing on this URL using either Optimizely or VWO :wink:

Works like a charm!

CAN’T WAIT for A/B testing to be a part of the Convertibles. Did I mention this already? Probably a hundred times, haha.


I would very strongly suggest to consider A/X testing for Covertables.
Because Convertables are in use for all visitors (if that is the setup) you will get a lot of data quickly. Therefor it would be VERY useful to sometimes be able to split test at least 4 different versions.


Any update on an expected launch date for A/B testing? We’re considering implementing another tool but will hold off if unbounce is releasing A/B for convertables in the near future.


Hey @Kenny_Smithnanic,

Thanks for the question and apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

At the moment I can’t give you a hard date for delivery of A/B testing for Convertables. What I can tell you is that our designers are working on a solution as we speak. We’re working towards being able to start development by the end of the quarter (end of June) and I’m confident we’ll be setup to do just that.

In the meantime, we are always looking to share early so if you’d be interested in usability testing what we’re working on, please let me know! I’ll make sure you are involved in the conversation.


Hi Cole_Derochie,

Do you have an update of when the Convertables A/B Testing functionality will be released?



It’s been almost 9 months since A/B testing was brought up in this thread. Any updates? Thanks


Agreed, any update on timing for this?


@lscaps @ErnestoMarquez @jlaw

Hey everyone, apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

I’m happy to inform you that the team kicked off work on AB Testing for Convertables yesterday :tada:
We are currently working towards an Alpha which will have base functionality and then we will move to a Private Beta in which I’d be happy to invite each of you to participate in.

If this is something you’d be interested in please reply below and I’ll follow up with more information as things progress.


Yes - please include me on the beta.


Sure thing - I’d love to try this out.


Hook me up @Cole_Derochie!

I’ll be away next week, but @Jonathan is in!


I’m in! @Cole_Derochie


Please include me


Same here. Happy to be in the beta group as well.


Definitely interested @Cole_Derochie!


Yes, interested to use the beta. Please keep me posted