Split testing different CTA's using different variants within the same page & infusionsoft integration


I want to test two different CTA’s using different variants of the same page. I am an infusionsoft user and I’m not sure doing this is possible with the way the infusionsoft integration is set up.

I sell medical billing software. Using a pay-per-click advertisement prospects find my landing page. The landing page is about a new version of the software and ultimate goal is to get prospects to want to purchase the software.

I want to test which type of CTA will get better conversions on this page.

So I want to create two different variants. On Variant A I will use the CTA to opt-in to get demo video’s of the software. On Variant B I will use the CTA to get an instant quote for the software. This will require the use of two different forms. When the different forms get filled out by the prospect, the forms need to integrate with different auto-responder campaigns I have built in infusionsoft. The way the infusionsoft integration is set up within the unbounce pages, I don’t think this is possible.

Does anyone know of a workaround, or do I need to just create two completely separate pages with different URL’s?


Hi @bvbash,

You dont need to separate pages to achieve this. Infusionsoft is integrated at the page level and not at the variant level.

To achieve this, click on the settings button located on the right side of edit button, and choose “Duplicate this variant”. This will create a copy of this variant. Now go ahead and edit this new variant, change the form fields and CTA to match your requirements. Save and Republish the page. Once republished, assign the weight (traffic share) for this new variant. I would suggest you to keep the weight at 50%.

Remember, leads and infusionsoft integration works at the page level, it will work for both the variants. You can differenciate between the leads by looking at the variant name.

Please feel free to ask more questions, if you have any.


Thanks for the response. But if I want variant a to with CTA A to integrate with infusionsoft campaign a, and then variant B with CTA B to integrate with infusionsoft campaign b (so that is two separate / completely different infusionsoft campaigns) then that requires two different infusionsoft tags.

After a pretty detailed chat with an unbounce support rep, I did confirm with her that this scenario requires two different unbounce pages with different URL’s. Since like you said, the infusionsoft integration works at the page level, and I essentially need two separate infusionsoft actions, it requires two separate pages.


You’re right, for two separate campaigns, you need to create a new tag and have two separate landing pages.


Hi @bvbash,

Maybe you can do it if you add a hidden field to your form and fill it out with a specific tag based on the CTA.

After that using the tag to appropriately send the data over to Infusionsoft.