Spinner off of Form Submit


Hi, I want to place a form on the landing page(the easy part) and then on submit have the form send the data to one of three different places in a loop. So 1st person to submit, data would go to V1, 2nd person to submit, the data would go to V2, 3rd person to submit, data would go to V3 and then start all over. I believe this is called a spinner. Is there any code out there that can be manipulated or easily edited to get this to work?


What is your ultimate goal here? It seems like you may be trying to save form data to one of three locations because you have 3 variants? I can’t tell. If this is the case, then you should consider passing along a path parameter to your endpoint instead of calling three different locations.

If you just want a spinner on the page while the form is being submitted, you would probably be able to trigger a fcn that displays the spinner on form submit, and hide it after the confirmation dialog is displayed (if you have one). I am not sure if Unbounce exposes any of their events that you could listen for.

Perhaps someone else will have a better solution… but this might be a place to start.