Speed up the image uploader


The overall building experience in Unbounce is fun and intuitive. However, uploading and selecting images always presents some friction.

It seems like the uploader interface loads slower than other elements within Unbounce, and it would be so much better with a “drag-and-drop” feature that so many other builders have.

Just curious, are there any plans on the horizon to improve image uploading, both in terms of speed and in the user experience?


Hi Nicholas, 
Wanted to circle back to this one as this has come up a bit over the last two weeks. Full disclosure, we just recently we began digging in to a few image uploader related improvements, mostly in regards to speed. We’ll be putting some focus on speeding up this part of the builder soon, and the first step for this was to release the Builder Refresh which will allow us to properly scale up different aspects of our builder.

Just wanted to let you know that we’re on the case. :) 


To add to this, we experimented with the possibility of dropping files right into the canvas and it looks like the builder can handle this sort of thing. No solid details on this yet but it could be a feature we’ll see in the near future.


Oh, now that would be awesome! :slight_smile: