Specific URL for each variant


Is there a way I can send someone a URL for a particular variant in a test? Would be great to send http://url.com/unbounce-test/a or /b to force the variant.

Load a published Variant but live not in Preview mode

Hi David! Yes, you can use http://url.com/unbounce-test/a.html, for example. Note that visits to variant-specific URLs are *not* recorded in your statistics. This is a bit of an undocumented feature we may not support in the future.


Yes, very useful for demo to friends, helpers, family… thanks


This is not working for me.


Hi Jun - I just did a quick test with your homepage and it works for me when I go to:

If there’s a different page you’re running into issues with, can you send us an email at support@unbounce.com with the URL of that page?


I don’t see this working for me either. 

a.html works but not b or c.



Hey Will,

Make sure to set the weight to at least 1%. Let me know if that works for you!  


this approach does not work for http://pd.riskaudit.com/1373-trade-finance/h.html


Hi Ewaan, 

Your link opens up fine so not sure what seems to be the problem. 

Can you elaborate a bit more on the issues you are having?



We are facing the same issue, can someone help please?

http://page.com/landing-page-slug/a.html works, but b.html, d.html doesn’t . They have 35% weight each. Why can’t we see them? Also, on refresh, only variant A is shown, not the other two. Are these two issues related? Please help.


That’s awesome! I would recommend you keep it. It is great to be able to check the actual page w/o opening up a bunch of different browsers - for 2 reasons:

  1. To check all the links
  2. To show to 3rd parties (consultants, friends, etc.) who you might not want to give the username and password to your unbounce account.

The preview function is great, but it’s missing this capability. Please keep it!


Hi there im very new to unbounced, can some one help me out with the abc on how to accomplish this?


Hi Jonathan,

Simply note down the variant of your page, make sure it has at least 1% weight, publish it, and then go to the live URL and add /a.html to the end of it, so the full URL looks like “https://example.com/a.html

Replace the “a” with “b” or “c” or whatever the variant letter is for the page variant you want to see. That’s all!

Let me know if this makes sense. If not, happy to further elaborate.


This does not work for me except for “champion” variants, even with other variants have % of traffic and are published. I can promote any variant to champion and it will work.