Spamming: Computer software programs/robots


Hello, is there a way or a code that can be implemented to prevent computer software programs (spamming), which are not “real people” from going to your landing page and using up your PPCs?


Hi Don

Hope you’re having a great Monday. Spam hitting your landing page from PPC is never fun.

Google tries to block that automatically both in Google Analytics and on AdWords. There is no way to black the spam from seeing your ads… as we’d need access to Google’s back end to do that

If you see a lot of traffic coming to your landing page and you thinks it is spam… especially if this traffic is from the Google Display Network. You can block those sites in your AdWords account and report it to Google for a refund (they will need to look into the spam issue to determine a refund). 

To block any sites on the Google Display Network. Login to you AdWords account, Click on the “Display Network” tab and then “Placements”. At the bottom of the list of sites you’ve ads showing up on, you should see “Campaign placement exclusions”, which is where you can add sites to block that could be sending your spam or bad traffic.

I hope this helps and makes sense. Please let me know if you’ve any other questions. Cheers!