Sorting Public Images


Scrolling through the Unbounce public images folder is slowing my computer to a crawl. Is there a way to sort the images so I’m not going through 1,000+ every time? I only want to see background images, but it’s showing me every single image, from buttons to full backgrounds.


I have often wondered about better ways to sort images. Is there a way to make folders etc. I see images from all the pages in that account when I just want to see the ones for that page. Does anyone at unbounce HQ (UHQ) have any secret sauce on this one?


Hi Brad, it doesn’t look like Unbounce has this feature built-in at the moment. Maybe an upcoming feature?

Your best bet would be to use an optional search keyword and filter by filesize (large to small). This should show you the larger (wallpaper sized) images at the top and keep you from scrolling too far down. This is just a work around for your situation and hopefully it helps you out.