Sort Landing Pages by Group


Loving unbounce and using it so much I’m going to need to group landing pages by client, project, etc. Anybody else like that feature?


How about grouping by domain? Seems like a natural way of organizing them to me…



That sounds good, anybody else?


Hey guys, dk here, unbounce user and promoter. :slight_smile: I am in, dig it, and making landing pages like crazy. In the past 24 hours we made about 20 pages for testing facebook ads, and I am about to make another 20 or so more tonight LOL I am finding that it is better to use unbounce than my programmers, since I have to wait for them to wake up, come to work etc. My recommendation is to have a switch to go into expert mode. No one discovers the expert mode until they have pushed the boundaries a bit. Then when you hit the switch, grouping of pages appears as well as any other advanced options. This is a bitchen site guys :wink:


Hey dk, you haven’t bugged our office, have you? :wink: There’s at least one feature we’ve recently discussed making available only after you’ve created a certain number of pages, and we’ve definitely been discussing how we can have the app adapt to your use. We’re getting enough folks creating lots o’ pages that we know we’re going to have to address the organization problem soon-ish. Thanks for the feedback!


“Under consideration”? Have you guys even improved Unbounce for the last year? We seriously need Grouping, or AT LEAST a way to sort landing pages by name in the Dashboard so we can pseudo-group by “Group name - Landingpage name”


So … this isn’t a feature that you will include?

Too bad. It’s getting unmanageable :frowning:


…even just the ability to move pages up or down the list (like you can with page sections - or netflix) would be somewhat helpful in organizing multiple pages.


better but still not ideal


Hey guys, we are working on this at the moment - sorry to leave you in the dark on this thread, grouping is certainly past the “under consideration” stage. There is a pretty big thread about it over here that has some feedback about the direction we’re heading. I will probably keep that thread updated along the way.


Hey guys, after a really long wait of us tackling other (less visible) features, infrastructure and product planning, I’m really excited to present phase #1 of Page Grouping!

Check out my announcement here to find out how to use it (it’s currently a ‘labs’ feature and will be under constant improvement over the next few weeks. Let me know what you think in this other thread. Thanks for waiting guys!